Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

Parenting and children's intelligence

The intelligence of children to grow up influenced by environmental factors and parenting is received. As a parent, you will teach him more things, ranging from a matter of good manners, healthy lifestyle choices, to the application of values, discipline, and self-reliance.

All for the sake of preparing him to grow into a mature, so that someday he will be able to live a good life, including when he had to take important decisions in life.

Type parenting for children who used family and the other one may be different because it can be influenced by educational background as well as social and cultural life of the elderly. Build the character of children from an early age will be very good for your children. Parents play an important role in parenting.

Every parents always want the best for their children. These feelings then encourage parents to have certain behaviors in the care of their children. This paper will discuss models of parenting is usually done by parents to their children. In general, the type of parenting to parents consists of two behaviors, namely behaviors directive and supportive behavior. Make learning fun activities. Each child has different interests so as to explore the potential of your child should give full support to the field that is of interest to your child. Read books for our children.

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