Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

Find Cause Sleepy Students in The Class

Several times, I find my students sleepy in class, even some are sleeping in the classroom when teaching.

To solve that problem, where students sleepy or sleeping in class, then as a teacher should know cause sleepy students in the class.

Some of my students, who by chance I found being sleepy in class, I call and I asked why sleepy during the lesson? Is she sleeping too late? He answered no. In fact, at 8 pm had gone to bed, but at 8 am so sleepy in class.

For the case of the students often sleepy or sleeping in class, as teachers, we do not immediately denounce these students as lazy child. Sleepy in class could also relate to the health of students such as eye health, less healthy eye will cause the eye to experience fatigue, it can also cause sleepy students.

Therefore, if found cases of students are often sleepy and sleep in class, please make an inquiry to the analysis of the cause to take appropriate action to help our students are. thank you.

Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Dyslexia, One Of The Causes Difficulty in Reading and Spelling.

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty problems. It affects a person's ability to learn. He would have difficulty in understanding the information well. In particular, this will cause a person to have difficulty in reading and writing. People with dyslexia will have difficulty to recognize and interpret the word.

The cause of dyslexia generally is genetics. It could also be due to head injury or trauma. To identify dyslexia is very difficult. However, parents can see some signs and symptoms of dyslexia. Parents can do a consultation with appropriate experts.

If a child shows signs of dyslexia, we can ask for help from a special education institution or a professional who is trained to the problem of dyslexia. We asked them to conduct a thorough evaluation of the child. If the results of the evaluation of a child suffering from dyslexia, we will be able to find the best way to help children learn.

You can find references about dyslexia from other sources of information, this is not the writing of an expert. It is only as general information about dyslexia.
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Ways to Teach Child to Read - How to Teach Children to Read ?

Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

Ways to Teach Child to Read - How to Teach Children to Read ?

Do you believe? if teaching children to read is one of the key success of the child in the future. If you think so, you are going to teach a child to read well. Not just read, you will help your child to be able to read with proficient.

But many parents have problems when teaching children to read. As difficult children are taught to read, children can not catch up quickly when given a reading lesson, and others. Basically, teaching children to read requires techniques. Yes a special technique to make your child can read and you must have the patience for it. You also had not been able to read, until your parents teach you how to read. And now, you are able to read with very proficient.

Do you know when a child should begin to be trained to read? In some cases, we can see children as young as 2 years can read. While others can only be read at the age of 4 years. Are you having trouble to teach your child to read?

If you have difficulty in teaching children to read, I have a reference for you, maybe it could provide a solution to you about your problem was.

I have found a site, the site is written about ways to teach children to read. If you think that this site will help you, please click here to visit that site. Thanks.

Selasa, 20 Januari 2015

How to Improve Intelligence is our child?

Many factors affect the level of intelligence of children, if we want our children to be smart, then we must consider the factors that may lead to an increase in Intelligence.

To improve the intelligence of children, we can do in several ways, the first is to play a game that can trigger the brain work better. As puzle, sudoku, and etc. Such games can stimulate the brain to think, also can train thinking strategies. Children will learn how to solve the problem. And in learning with this game, the child does not feel tired, but happy.

The second way to improve the intelligence of children, yatu with attention to nutritional intake into the body of the child. food with good nutrition will help the development of children's brains. Good food will help the level of intelligence.

The third way to improve children's intelligence is to learn music. Intelligence is divided into several this part, one of which is the intelligence to play music. Learning piano, will make a child's brain to learn well, because the child will practice piano playing divide attention between right hand and left hand.

Encourage children to exercise, it also can help children achieve a fit condition.

The next way to improve children's intelligence is to encourage children to read. By reading the child will learn new things, parents should accompany and explain to the child if the child asks something about what he read.

Playing video games, this will help the child to think about solving the problems faced in the game, however parents should choose a good game for kids.

Minggu, 18 Januari 2015

Install Internet Security, Limit Your Child activity on the Internet.

Internet such as knives, if used properly, will help us, but if used incorrectly, it could be someone will be killed with the knife. Providing Internet access at home for the family, must be followed by monitoring the child's activities on the internet. By connecting the internet, our home will always be connected with hundreds of millions of people in the world. Not all are good people.

Social networking, chat, is one of the access to communicate with others directly on the internet. Page of the site is to be connected to millions of information. But unfortunately not all of the information may be accessed by children. Crime child could have occurred from the internet.

For that, as parents should monitor the child, parents must protect their children. some internet connectivity control applications already available. Parents stay put on their home computers. By using it, parents can control and parents can restrict children's website visits, applications they can use, and when they are allowed to use the computer.

Sabtu, 17 Januari 2015

How to Overcome Child Will not Eat.

Children are still in the rapid growth of the body. Food for children should be the primary concern of the parents. A frequent problem faced by parents is their child will not eat. If this longstanding habit, fear children will experience an interruption in nutritional intake of food and become ill. Parents should look for a solution to cope with a child who does not want to eat.

Some of the ways that parents can do for children to eat with gusto is to make food with interesting shapes and attractive colors. Expected that children will be happy with the food and want to eat these foods. We can find unique recipes food children from the internet.

Another way to make children want to eat, we try to eat with our children. and when we make food, we should encourage our children to participate in making the dish. So that the child will think that they are making the food.

Do not serve food too much, try a bit first, and offer again when the food has been eaten. Eating with the play can try to feed the food to our children.

The next step is to make kids want to eat if the child is able to communicate is linking fears or wishes of children with something, and make eating as a solution. For example, your child wants to school, then we can say to our children: "let's eat so fast your body is great, and you can go to school, if you do not eat your body is not great, you say, you want to school?"

That was some of the ways that parents can do to cope with a child who does not want to eat. Good luck.

Jumat, 16 Januari 2015

How to Overcome Bedwetting Habits In Children.

Bedwetting is common in children. But if the child is old enough still wetting the bed, parents should immediately seek a solution to stop the habit of bedwetting in children.

To overcome the habit of wetting in children, certainly not enough to say: "You've been great, so do not wet the bed" or "you have not to be incontinent"

There are several ways that parents can do to help children not to wet the bed. Like telling a child pee before bed. For some parents who understand the psychology of the child, he will find a way smart enough to make the child is no longer wet the bed while sleeping.

We know the habits of the child is imitating, they will be happy to imitate their parents' habits. Try traded small pajamas like those of his father, but first make an appointment with the child, that child will not wet the bed on the pajamas. Do your as if we hesitate to buy new pajamas to children for fear our children will wet the bed while wearing the pajamas. And finally we succumb to buy new pajamas to children under one condition, that our children will not wet the bed with the pajamas.

It is an example of how to overcome bedwetting children, good luck.