Sabtu, 17 Januari 2015

How to Overcome Child Will not Eat.

Children are still in the rapid growth of the body. Food for children should be the primary concern of the parents. A frequent problem faced by parents is their child will not eat. If this longstanding habit, fear children will experience an interruption in nutritional intake of food and become ill. Parents should look for a solution to cope with a child who does not want to eat.

Some of the ways that parents can do for children to eat with gusto is to make food with interesting shapes and attractive colors. Expected that children will be happy with the food and want to eat these foods. We can find unique recipes food children from the internet.

Another way to make children want to eat, we try to eat with our children. and when we make food, we should encourage our children to participate in making the dish. So that the child will think that they are making the food.

Do not serve food too much, try a bit first, and offer again when the food has been eaten. Eating with the play can try to feed the food to our children.

The next step is to make kids want to eat if the child is able to communicate is linking fears or wishes of children with something, and make eating as a solution. For example, your child wants to school, then we can say to our children: "let's eat so fast your body is great, and you can go to school, if you do not eat your body is not great, you say, you want to school?"

That was some of the ways that parents can do to cope with a child who does not want to eat. Good luck.

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