Selasa, 20 Januari 2015

How to Improve Intelligence is our child?

Many factors affect the level of intelligence of children, if we want our children to be smart, then we must consider the factors that may lead to an increase in Intelligence.

To improve the intelligence of children, we can do in several ways, the first is to play a game that can trigger the brain work better. As puzle, sudoku, and etc. Such games can stimulate the brain to think, also can train thinking strategies. Children will learn how to solve the problem. And in learning with this game, the child does not feel tired, but happy.

The second way to improve the intelligence of children, yatu with attention to nutritional intake into the body of the child. food with good nutrition will help the development of children's brains. Good food will help the level of intelligence.

The third way to improve children's intelligence is to learn music. Intelligence is divided into several this part, one of which is the intelligence to play music. Learning piano, will make a child's brain to learn well, because the child will practice piano playing divide attention between right hand and left hand.

Encourage children to exercise, it also can help children achieve a fit condition.

The next way to improve children's intelligence is to encourage children to read. By reading the child will learn new things, parents should accompany and explain to the child if the child asks something about what he read.

Playing video games, this will help the child to think about solving the problems faced in the game, however parents should choose a good game for kids.

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