Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

Children's education, parents ' responsibilities

Parenting children from parents will determine the future of the child. A child who used to be educated with independent, most likely the child will be the one who has independence high. From small children along with their parents. Children will follow the example of the attitude of parents. Therefore, the role of parents to help their children's future success.

Good parents are educating children properly, responsible and loving them. Parents will cultivate a good trait in his son.

One of the concerns of parents of children with conduct surveillance of internet activity of children. Parents should restrict or filter to give the computer to the child could not move freely on the internet. Some of that should be in the limit are access to pornographic sites, gambling, and illegal drugs. To do such restrictions, parents can use the services of providers of dns restrictions on internet access, for example the open dns.

Let the children be active on the internet with very freely and without supervision is not very good, the kids could not capture all the information well. They have not been able to give an assessment of what they see. Kids still love to imitate. What he saw, he did. Therefore, parents should do the mentoring to provide education to their children. Thank you.

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