Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

Find Cause Sleepy Students in The Class

Several times, I find my students sleepy in class, even some are sleeping in the classroom when teaching.

To solve that problem, where students sleepy or sleeping in class, then as a teacher should know cause sleepy students in the class.

Some of my students, who by chance I found being sleepy in class, I call and I asked why sleepy during the lesson? Is she sleeping too late? He answered no. In fact, at 8 pm had gone to bed, but at 8 am so sleepy in class.

For the case of the students often sleepy or sleeping in class, as teachers, we do not immediately denounce these students as lazy child. Sleepy in class could also relate to the health of students such as eye health, less healthy eye will cause the eye to experience fatigue, it can also cause sleepy students.

Therefore, if found cases of students are often sleepy and sleep in class, please make an inquiry to the analysis of the cause to take appropriate action to help our students are. thank you.

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